A Thanksgiving Prayer

Friends at Hebron Church asked me to post this prayer I offered at Wednesday night supper.


As we prepare for a national day of thanksgiving, let us all be thankful every day for the extraordinary bounty we enjoy. Through the grace of God we live in a place awash with material goods of every color, size, make or model, a place where motion-sensing snow-globes are available in plastic or gold, a place where the fantastic technological wonders of a smart phone become obsolete in a matter of months, a place where an all-natural, gluten-free diet is available for dogs.

As we sit down to a table laden with turkey and dressing and mince pie, may we take a moment to count our blessings: Let us examine the linen napkin beside each plate and consider that the fabric is large enough to make a garment for a child in Ghana. Let us examine the glass of water, poured in a clean unending stream from the tap, and consider the Indian woman bathing her child in the sewage-filled Ganges River. Let us examine the faces around the table, family members who drove without fear through safe streets to gather for a meal, and consider the Nigerian parents of girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram. And as we bow our heads in prayer, may we consider the Christians in Syria and the rabbis in Jerusalem murdered for that same act.

Through your presence in our hearts, Lord, help us recognize that these blessings can disappear in an instant, but your love is constant. We have but to call on you and you will strengthen us for any task, any burden, any challenge. Thank you for sharing your son with us, your son Jesus who guides our footsteps every day. Thank you also for the food before us, for the hands that prepared it and the fellowship we share here today. We ask these things in Christ’s name, amen.

Robin Traywick Williams

November 2014